Wider space wider Imagination


Cup of coffee becomes refreshing!

Meeting with the loved ones and guests become affectionate! Retiring from a day’s work becomes relaxing!

Uncluttered and spacious living room is the expression Morning of your imagination and your elegance. The insignia of comfort and coziness, well – architected space adds to your affluent living.

Bedroom is like Sanctuary


Nestle in the luxurious bed and let the wings of your imagination take a flight to the world of your dreams. The divine abode gives you ample space for the love and intimacy that actually makes your life a fulfilling one.

Swimming is moving meditation

Swimming pool

It is believed that “you are only one swim away from a good mood. ’’ Why not dive and enliven your mood.

The Classic Tower offers you separate pools for CHILDREN & ADULT. All the pools are uniquely shaped which give you the refreshing experience of swimming.

Needless to say, it also keeps your physique fit.


The most important conversation often occur at family’s dinner table. Well furnished kitchen and beautiful dinning serves the purpose well. May the warmth and affection growth with every dinner among your family members.


American- standard bath adds to the comfort of your living in the apartment. Meticulously built scientific bathroom keeps your hygiene and helps you remain healthy.

Signing contract with Vastukala Paramarsha Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Signing contract with Vastukala Paramarsha Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Signing-contract Signing Contract with M.K Nirman Sewa Pvt.Ltd

In picture Jeevan Thapa Executive Director